Friday, May 1, 2009

Pregnancy Update 30 weeks

Here is a photo of Reese so you have something cute to look at. He's playing with a balloon at the Big Apple Diner.
I should've updated last week as 29 weeks was when Reese was born, but I got sick and I'm still sick (as is Kyle) so I am not taking a photo today, but still wanted to update.
I went to the perinatologist at UW yesterday. My blood pressure continues to go up but comes back to normal after I lay in bed for 2 hours. I swell, but it goes back down. My blood flow is still less than normal but higher than it was 3 weeks ago, so he was happy enough with that. But my protein is now at 408 units of whatever measure they use on a scale of 300 is preeclampsia. So he was very not happy with that. At my 28 week ultrasound the baby was bigger than he needed to be and my placenta had good blood flow and I have higher than needed amniotic fluid. He said "This baby is a giant! We have baby to spare!" So as of last night I started 25mg of atenolol (a beta blocker) a day. This will cause fetal growth restriction, but since we've made it this far with good growth it shouldn't be terribly dramatic (meaning this boy will be a bruiser compared to his "big" brother). It will bring my resting heartrate down (it's been 104-116 since at least mid-January) and should keep my BP from spiking, but is a mild enough dose to not make my BP go low. Previously the atenolol made me tired but I was on a high dose, recovering from a c section, trucking it 70 miles each way to visit Reese in the NICU, etc...Hopefully this lower dose will not knock me out as badly. AND if it keeps my BP from going crazy high I should be able to avoid the post pregnancy high dose. Starting next week Friday I'll do weekly non-stress tests until delivery. So we shall see how far we make it. My skin is burning a lot so I'm hoping for not too much more belly growth as that is most uncomfortable!!!
On a more fun note this baby is like Animal from the Muppets! He is a crazy kicking machine all over at once. Reese never progressed beyond the flippy fishy feeling movements. This boy kind of percolates -- a fast succession of smallish kicks, he pushes out some body part and then kind of drags it along the whole expanse of my belly, he kicks low then high like there really must be extra limbs in there! It's crazy!

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The White House said...

I just went to a baby shower in bellevue today for my BFF who is 29 weeks. Are you doing a shower? She's due like July 15th or 19th? I LOVE the picture of Reese on this update! nice job! Thanks for the update and keep us posted.