Sunday, May 24, 2009

BBB2 (Benza Boy Baby #2) latest ultrasound

At this point (ultrasound #6) all the profiles really look the same, so I scanned in the front view of the baby's face. You can see 2 eyes, nose, mouth and a little hand up by his temple. This was taken at 32 weeks 5 days. (If you look at the stuff typed in the photo it's off by 2 weeks because that's my c section date which is already in their computer and it was auto populated as the due date, so just ignore that stuff). At this point he was measuring between 33 weeks 4 days and 34 weeks 2 days, so he's still on the big side. Luckily the beta blockers have not restricted his growth and my placenta's blood vessels have not been comprised, so taking him 2 weeks early will hopefully still get us a "typically" sized newborn.
We saw Terminator Salvation last night. During the heavy gunfire scenes he really kicked like he's a big ol' bruiser!

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Wendy Ferrell said...

He's looking GREAT! I didn't have any problems with the beta-blockers and Sammi either. They kept warning me she would be small. But, everything was great! She was 6lb 6oz at birth and I guess the placenta looked good too. I'm so jealous of all the movies you're seeing too!!