Monday, May 18, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

WOW I haven't done my menu plans for the past 2 weeks--well I jotted them on paper but I didn't post them online. The posting online makes me feel a sense of obligation to mostly stick to the plan. By not being accountable to blog readers we totally fell off the wagon and ate out a BUNCH! So, back to menu planning we go or we'll go broke on eating out.
MONDAY: ravioli (a frozen thing from costco that includes the veggies and sauce)
TUESDAY: meatloaf cups (made in muffin tin will post recipe once I concoct it), mashed potatoes and a veggie from the freezer
WEDNESDAY: Chicken and Pork Risotto, peas
THURSDAY: the boys will have leftovers, I will eat on the ferry ride to UW and will hopefully be home by the time Kyle has to leave for work
FRIDAY: Kyle's Birthday -- he took an annual leave day so we'll eat out and go see Terminator Salvation at the movie theater
SATURDAY: camping food with Kyle's peeps
SUNDAY: leftovers

Check out Organizing Junkie for more menu ideas

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