Friday, May 22, 2009

33 weeks

Kyle took the day off of work for his birthday today. We ended up "running out" to pick up a pair of jeans for him and go to Costco. Well that turned into needing to go to Kohl's, Penney's, Macy's and Sears at the mall and Fred Meyer in search of the jeans he wanted--and all they are is a pair of Levi's 527, but they either don't have the right size or color or don't have it at all. Then we hit Costco. About 1000 people stopped to ask about my due date and if it's a boy/girl etc. even men! So I either looked about to pop or I must've been making an uncomfortable face or something because I have never had so many folks talk to me in one outing. Everytime I washed my hands in the bathroom today I thought ooh I have to remember to take a photo today because we didn't last week and I actually look decent today. Then of course all the photos turned out yucky. But here is one so you can see my mammoth size.After a long day of walking around my feet ache and my hands and feet are puffy. SO now I plan to do mostly nothing. Yesterday I had my Hypertension Clinic apointment at UWMC. My last one ever! Except now he said I have to start going to the regular OB twice a week in case anything changes. I drove myself over in the am traffic and home in the pm traffic--MISERY-- I don't know how people commute to Seattle everyday and not lose their minds. By the time I got home I had pitting edema--it went away after a 3 hour nap with my feet up. SOOO I think I am done with much galavanting--especially in one day. We are sticking close to home from this point forward. On Wedensday I had an ultrasound and got a cd to take to UW but of course it won't let you save the photos from the disc so I can't get them on the blog. I will scan my print out later tonight and post those tomorrow. At this point the baby is measuring about a week bigger than I actually am (I was 32 weeks 5 days and he measured 33 weeks 4-6 days). His estimated weight is 2268 grams (Reese was only 975 at birth). So we have a buffalo baby!! My perinatologist assured me I will get MUCH bigger by the time I hit my 38 week delivery appointment. Honestly, I just can't even imagine how it could be possible to get any bigger than I am right now and still be able to stand up!

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anya* said...

you are being so silly about being huge. that is what happens when there is a person inside of YOU!! and you will get bigger. it is what happens. with my boys i gained a ton of weight and had a 9.8lb-er and a 8.9lb-er. i know what huge is:)