Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Reese went to the dentist last week. It seemed like it took forever for his 6 months to pass! I was nervous I would be in the hospital by this time and wouldn't be able to take him, but luckily no bedrest for me! He used to be super compliant with the tooth brushing, but while he totally loves it now he wants only to do it himself. It's quite a struggle to get a really good brushing in. So...he keeps getting grayish slime build up. I was alarmed it was cavity at first hence the anxiety that the 6 months would never end. But it's plaque. When Kyle needed to replace his sonicare we got a 2 pack at costco--I hate it. So I haven't been using mine. We put the tiny head on it and it is now Reese's so we were getting more of the slime off.

He liked the chair well enough.
He really liked brushing the alligator's teeth.Not a huge fan of the hygenist. BUT she did successfully use the spinning buffer thing and he is now grayish slimy plaque free--hooray!!! And now the sonicare is keeping it at bay. The dentist was very happy with his teeth---apparently the under 6 crowd of this generation has really crappy dental hygeine habits leading to "root canals" and crowns and pulled teeth pretty frequently. So she was very happy Reese's at least twice a day habits.

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