Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More Easter Discovered

Apparently I actually did take some photos on Easter morning. They've just been inside my camera all this time. Oops. Reese was so happy the Easter Bunny was able to find a Thor Pez. We searched for him for a long time. I must admit I find Pez to be a very unsatisfying candy choice, but both the boys LOVE Pez. Really I don't think it's because of the delivery device. I think they'd happily eat the Pez straight from the paper packaging.Gus found some bugs in his basket.
Gus was pretty excited to find his own Reester's candy.
They both decided to chow down on a Reeseter's before breakfast. YUM.
Reese found an entertaining way to consume his jelly beans. At least he didn't waste the Starburst jelly beans. They are a precious commodity around here.
When we got to Mimi and Poppop's we headed outside to hunt for eggs.
Reese couldn't wait to find out why the Spiderman eggs sounded different...they were filled with coins. I don't know what Gus is looking at, but he was so darn cute!!He got the hang of it and had fun racing to get as many eggs as Reese.
That really is the end of the Easter photos. I promise the grandparents, the uncles and Kyle & I were actually present.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Wow I'm so behind we haven't even talked about Easter. We all went to my mom's for dinner, including Kyle's parents. The Easter bunny brought baskets to both grandparent's houses. Apparently I took not one single photo of the event.
Here are the Easter baskets at our house.
Reese got a very cool viewmaster disc holder case thingy that mommy just loves. Gus likes to crumple Reese's viewmaster discs, so this will completely prevent that. Reese also got the highly coveted Thor Pez dispenser. I searched for that for ages. I found it the night before Easter at the check out. Woo hoo!

Gus got the other coveted (by Reese) Pez, Captain America and some CARS cards that are way too old for him. Since he destroyed the board book of The Hungry Caterpillar he got a fresh new copy.
And as you can see Mommy scored all the best treats.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hand On Children's Museum

We went to the Hands On Children's Museum in Olympia waaaaay back in April. The boys and I have been with friends, but Kyle has never seen it. We really enjoy it, but the boys had a lot more fun doing it with daddy.Here they are hauling rocks. the wheelbarrows were a hit.

Reese's full upper body pressed into the pins.
In the gear room, Gus is trying to move the magnetized gears (they move, he couldn't do it though, I had a hard time too).
Reese, set to release the ball into his tunnel on the magnetized wall.

Reese putting in more balls for another go 'round. We did this a LOT.
Both boys driving the boat.
Gus in the treehouse.
Reese investigating the best floating device in the wind tunnel.
Both boys really enjoyed the food delivery truck, store and kitchen area. They made us quite an interesting feast.
Reese was quick to buckle up for safety in the ambulance driver's seat.