Sunday, September 30, 2007

Reese's Week in Review

LOOK I can sit! (Daddy was a slug-a-bed today..sept. 26)

But I prefer to snuggle. Check out the zebra on my butt. I only wore this super cute outfit about 15 minutes then power barfed all the way down the front to the knees.

Playing is so exhausting. I rolled off my play mat with hanging toys in pursuit of some other toys when I just pooped out on my blankie. September 29

Yummy! I'm torn between two tasty treats.....squash or the bib. You can't see my hands underneath the bib shoving it in while I make slurping noises. September 30

Date Night

Reese went to Grandma and Grandad Benza's house for date night. We went Red Lobster for endless shrimp and then to Macy's for Clinique's free gift (and Mommy bought some awesome boots) . We used some of our movie passes from last year's Christmas stockings to go see The Game Plan. It was actually very cute even though it has the Rock as the main character. The movie ticket prices are now up to $9.00 for an adult evening movie. (I wonder how much the tickets are in a city?) SO it is cheaper to buy the DVD of every movie you may want to see than it is for 2 people to go to the theater. However, with my regal cinema card we did get a free small popcorn.

Friday, September 28, 2007


My mommies group has been canning this summer. They start at the crack of dawn and Kyle doesn't go to work until 3 pm so I've only attended the last 2 sessions. But I got about 15 quarts of apple pie filling and 4 or 5 jars of grape jelly. My mommies group also made aprons one day. So this photo is of my apron making lunch at our canning session. Reese was unavailable for the photo.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Go green!

I just entered Parenting Magazine's go green contest. The prize is a super awesome washer dryer. Now I LOVE my washer dryer, which I previously believed to be the superest and coolest around. But I really dig the prize washer/dryer. It has some pretty fabulous features. Anyone who thinks they are greener than us should go to parenting mags website and enter. Or start saving your pennies and I'll sell you my fabulous blue washer/dryer once I win.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Soylent Green is People!!!!!!!

Okay so he's not eating soylent green, but he is eating PEAS!! Peas are food number 2. We've passed the allergy test for sweet potatoes and I was afraid I may have ruined the chances he would eat unsweet food. However, Reese seems to enjoy peas. He grabbed at the spoon to shovel it in faster. By the time I got the camera in position it slid down so he just got a fistful of peas.


Our basement floor is concrete of course. We got rhino coating that you usually use as a bedliner in a pick up truck as our floor covering. SO the basement floor has this coating which makes it sealed and nice and neat, but it's still a hard basement floor. So we got those squishy foam mats that link together so Reese has a comfier play surface. He thinks it tastes pretty good too.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Tree Killer

Forgot to mention for my ONLINE English course I just printed about 2 trees worth of paper.


So everyone probably knows I was taking English 101 and Anatomy & Physiology when I was admitted to UWMC last February, so I had to drop. Well they (nursing program) had led me to believe I didn't need English 101 because I tested out of it. Turned out to be false which is why I was taking it so late in the game. EVERYONE said how simple simple English 101 is, nothing to it, barely worth thinking about it. Of course my teacher was crazy workload lady sending long emails about how we better suck it up and drive in the snow to get to school and stop whining. So I was sort of glad to get out of that class ( although she turned out to be pretty nice). Now I'm in an online class with another crazy work load lady. Our whole syllabus is essentially stop whining, do your work, I don't care about your life needs. AND I sort of agree you need to deal with your issues. You can't expect personal exceptions that everyone doesn't get and to have immunity to the regular rules. HOWEVER, how hard would it be to open the class with the illusion that the teacher cares about the students at all and wants them to learn instead of a bunch of brash Hitler-esque rantings.
So school starts today and I hate it already AND OF COURSE the 2 books I bought last January and used for 4 class periods are not the books this new teacher uses. Every English 101 teacher uses those books except mine. Of course I didn't have time to deal with returning the books because I was an inpatient! and then I had a hospitalized newborn! and then it was too was probably too late before I was even admitted to the hospital. And I figured I'd just use those same books in the fall quarter.
ANYWAY...I am going to school by choice and I'm actually paying them to let me go. It bothers me that mean, grumpy teachers ruin it for me. Thankfully next quarter when I have to physically go to the school and leave my sweet baby it will be for Anatomy & Physiology with a super sweet and wonderful teacher that renews my joy for school.
Obviously I have no photos to commemorate this heinous online English class.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


After a great deal of thought we settled on sweet potatoes for Reese's first baby food (after rice cereal of course). We started by mixing it with rice cereal on September 21st. He liked it okay. Later in the day we tried straight sweet potatoes which he seemed to like better. He sticks his tongue out to try to lick it off the spoon. Today, the 22nd, he had the sweet potatoes mixed with rice cereal and later in the day just plain and he seems to like both just as well. So we'll do a couple more days of sweet potatoes to check for an allergic reaction, then we'll try a green veggie for a few days. Reese especially likes eating his food from his snazzy Longaberger bowl!


Reese and Mommy have a mommies group we usually see once a week. This week we did some canning. After a 7 hour extravaganza we made 37 quarts of apple pie filling and some grape jelly. Amy is the photographer. Reese is in the bjorn while I peel apples. Anya is also peeling with her son, Lincoln sitting beside her in the bouncer seat. Julie was making the sauce but stopped to pose with her son, John Paul, in the high chair. Amy's son, Matthew, is practicing his army crawl on the floor. Anya's other son, Moses is in his playroom, though he did help peel for awhile.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Crazy Hair

Do you see the hair? Finally it's growing, hair, glorious hair!!

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

On September 16, his 7 month birthday, Reese went to his very first professional baseball game. Mommy, Daddy, Grandad, Uncle Mark and Reese went to see the Mariners play against the Devil Rays. We lost miserably. BUT Reese got a free metal Mariners lunch box! Can't wait to take it to preschool! ha ha. Reese was a little cranky because the stadium is so loud he really could not nap, but overall he did really well. We tried to get a photo with our mascot the moose, but the line was sooooo long. Mommy decided the kiddie gift shop was just as fun and so we bought a winter beanie with Mariners' logo.


Kyle's Uncle Mark and Aunt Gloria came to visit. So on September 13 we headed over to Seattle on the ferry. We visited Pike Place market. All the walking really tuckered Reese out. Here's a photo of a sleeping Reesie in the bjorn with Daddy and the Pike Place Pig. This is right in front of the famous fish throwing market that was on the Levi's commercial a couple of years ago. That's Aunt Gloria to the left kind of chopped in half....fabulous photo skills, huh?

First Food

On September 12, 2007 Reese had his first rice cereal. At first he was a little unsure about it. By the time we finished he seemed to like it pretty well.