Sunday, January 6, 2013


 At some point soon I'll go back and bring the blog up to date, but my shower was today and since it was totally awesome I need to blog about it RIGHT NOW!
35 weeks and 2 days! So nice of people to stick with the pink and orange theme for the gift bags in the background.
 My dearest friend, Anya, hosted and she made the most fabulous decorations!!!
Do you see the cuteness???? That is a canner rack holding quart sized jars filled with orange and pink tissue paper and tissue paper flowers! Love it!!
 This was hanging above the food and pink tissue paper puff balls and SUPER cute girl outfits on the clothes line!!
 Here's a wider view of the mirror I was standing in front of and the "flower" set up on the coffee table.
  The menu board on the chalkboard door.

 I look kind of hideous...I think I was asking how I should stand for the photo. But I want to show you the food table. I'm right next to the adorable quilted mason jars wrapped in pink with a cup of super cute polka dot straws and the pitcher of pink lemonade.

 The game set up...instructions and the sign up sheet. They had to guess how many TP squares would fit around my belly.
 This cute little station is a table wearing an apron!!!! So cute!!! Everyone wrote a sweet note on a little birdie to hang on the string tree on the wall.
 Then we did the games...
 I really hope these ladies did not understand the you see how many squares of toilet paper they guessed would fit around me???? Take a look at your tp roll and then you'll get a better idea of how giant they think I look.
um.....the correct answer was 11, if you were wondering.

 They had to draw a baby on a paper plate on top of their head...
 ...this is harder than you may imagine...
 ...she was too quick for my camera.

Then we did presents!!
 One friend made some really cute lovies, burp cloths and a coming home hat!! I LOVE them!!!
 I got really good gifts, but these gift opening photos are the ones where I personally look the best! I want to be the least gross on my own blog that I can get, ha ha!
 More guests.....
...and the host getting her baby fix with the youngest guest and only boy. I think He was craning his neck to look at the cake being eaten nearby. 

We had such a fun time! I am so lucky to have a great bunch of friends!