Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Surgery with photos

We headed over Sunday and stayed at the Silver Cloud Hotel. We were very happy with our room.Reese investigated the dresser drawer knobs.

He checked out the microwave and the fridge.

He played and rough-housed.

Daddy tickled him.

He hung upside down.

Mommy got up at 5:30AM, Daddy at 6AM to get ready to go. We packed up and walked a couple blocks to the hospital for our 7AM check in.

Reese getting blood pressure checked.

snazzy hospital shirt and pants.

This is way before our normal wake up time and the boys are sleepy.

This toe device checks his oxygen levels.

This mask has grape flavor inside so he'll willingly breathe his sleeping gas. We practiced before going into the OR.

Mommy and Reesie are dressed for the OR.

Recovery room. The boy is pretty groggy and still using the oxygen mask.

Here he is in jail--the pediatric ward crib.

Playing in the crib after his pain meds wore off.

Reese did fine breathing on the peds floor. He slept a lot. Once he woke up he behaved like he had no pain. He drank and ate really well with no spit up, so they let us go at 7pm instead of sleeping overnight.

Daddy and Reese being blown away by the wind on the ferry home.

Playing on the ferry table like nothing happened.

Tuesday at Walmart feeling fine.

Tuesday after Walmart we stopped by mommies group who were supposed to be scrapbooking, but turns out they changed the day so Reese just played a little with his bud, Matthew.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Surgery Part 2 - blip in the program

Surgery is finished. He has about a 1 1/2 inch incision about the same place you'd get a c-section but only on the left side. Unfortunately during the procedure he "held his breath"---not sure how they know this versus not breathing period, but whatever they called it holding his breath, which is not normal. He did it too long so they gave him a drug to relax him and had to give him a breathing tube. SOOOO we are admitted to the pediatrics wing and are spending the night. They want to observe him for awhile to make sure he resumes normal breathing. It's very cramped and uncomfortable. We got the door side room--the window is WAY better, but they are very busy so we're stuck here. He's been sleeping mostly. He's very hoarse from the tube when he wakes up. He's had some water and a little apple juice and he's had one bag of fluids in his iv. Successful urination! WOO HOO! So his wanker parts are working, now he just have to eat solids. Apparently the procedure causing quite a bit of yanking on the intestines so it's aggravated and may cause vomiting for awhile. So we're watching our handful of hospital channels on a 40 year old wood paneled Zenith tv. Sure isn't our swanky digs of last night. Our hotel had a 42 inch flat panel tv hanging on the wall!!!
I will add photos once we are home.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Surgery Part 1 - on the way

no, photo because I have no way to load them from my camera to this computer. BUT I still wanted to update. We were going to take the 4:15 ferry to Seattle. While waiting in line the man in front of us got out and peed, yes PEED right at the driver's side door. I could totally see the stream (I was driving). Can you even believe it? Then the ferry was full, so we drove around, We ate at Bahama Breeze in South Center for Reese's last meal. They had the grand opening of a new wing of the mall and it was a mad house. Traffic was outrageous from Bremerton straight through to Seattle. CRAZY!! Now we have checked into our hotel, The Silver Cloud Broadway, and it is SWEET!! Wish we were staying longer. We're headed out to explore. more updates to come.
These are my first harvest! My plants were so overgrown I couldn't even tell any had started. I trimmed out some of the huge leaves to let more sun into the center of the plants and there were tons of little zucchinis growing and these big ones. Saturday Reese took his first nap in his toddler race car bed and it was successful!

He located some alternatives to play with in the kitchen now that the recycle bin is in a locked cabinet.

and he thoroughly investigated the situation on this cabinet he discovered with no lock.

Overall he thought it was a fun day.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Free to a Good Home

Corner desk FREE you come get ASAP
Cherry/mahogany colored wood, slate colored metal and glass, slide out keyboard holder

Friday, July 18, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We are home from our Oregon vacation. We left Sunriver, OR about 10:45 am. We stopped in Sisters, OR at the Sisters Coffee Company for our on the road latte and one last visit to The Stitchin' Post. We stopped in Vancouver, WA for lunch/dinner with the Great Grandparents and Kyle's uncle Pat and his girlfriend--we forgot to take a photo!! We hit the Chehalis Walmart and then finally home at 10:15pm. We got into comfy clothes and unloaded. This video is Reese helping unpack by taking one of the sunblock cans upstairs.

Sorry I didn't turn on the overhead light first....but he was walking and I wanted to make sure I caught it! On vacation every time I got the camera out he promptly sat down and refused to walk more. So here is the official walker!!!

Now that we are home we bought a lottery ticket. We plan to retire to the Sisters, OR area with our winnings because it's so pretty there and the weather is great--hot but no humidity. We'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ready to Head Home

Tuesday night was spaghetti night. Reese was a bit messy.Wednesday at Lava Butte Reese is holding pumice which can be created by the volcano.

5020 ft elevation!!

Lava lands with desert vegetation---kind of tumbleweedy, mountains in the distance

from the left: LAVA in the foreground, the south Sister, Broken Top Mountain, the middle Sister, and then almost cut off on the right is the north Sister of the Three Sisters Mountains.

Reese is tired of viewing the lava lands that go on for miles.

Felled trees that resemble driftwood are throughout the lava

Reese and Dad on the Lava Butte trail

scruffy vegetation with the lookout station in the upper background

Sisters Mountains and Broken Top

Mt. Bachelor which is just a bit to the left of the Sisters from our vantage point

tomorrow we leave

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

vacation is almost over

Sunday we hit the indoor pool. This is the kid area with a soft squishy floor. The big people pool was cold and crowded so we didn't stay long.Reese getting a lift at the High Desert Museum. We are at about 4500 feet elevation in a desert climate, thus "high desert"---there was an exhibit on medicinal herbs, the oregon trail, local native americans and desert animals.

Reese found a stick at the Lava Cave that he found fascinating.

Lava flow that cools on the exterior encasing still hot lava (2100 degrees) creates a tube, when the hot lava drains out and it's all solidified it becomes a lava cave. There is an uncollapsed one here. Apparently not too many of those around. This big crack made me a bit nervous.

Kyle in the cave.

Kyle, me and Granddad in the cave.

ICE in the cave while it's about 96 degrees outside.

This marmut was on our porch eating Reese's dropped cheerios this afternoon.

This cutie popped 2 teeth overnight AND he is officially a walker!! He's pretty excited about his smoothie and his new sneakers.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sisters Quilt Show

I got up at 6:55 am after being awake a lot in the night with Reese,ugh....who, by the way slept until 9am for his Dad---beast! Anyway, Candy and I headed out to Sisters, Oregon for the outdoor quilt show. We sat in severe traffic for not terribly long and finally found parking. At 10am it was on! 96 degrees, blazing sun we walked until 5pm except for our 50 minute lunch break. Wow it was overwhelming!!! There were so many quilts and so many shops and so many outdoor vendors. WOW! We bought a few (wink, wink) treasures. Here are a couple of the quilts I snapped photos of the first 2 I intend to make as you see them. The last one is using a panel of the 08 show--I'll make my own variation.
I ordered the pattern book with this cool Halloween quilt.
This is depicting the Three Sisters Mountains and the outdoor quilts.
This one used a panel of the show -- I'll make some variation.

First Vacation Days

We spent Friday checking out Sunriver Village. They have those blow up jumper houses in a variety of sizes for different aged kids. This is what Reese thought of it. Hanging out on a bench with daddy while Mommy and Candy Gram check out some girly shops is much more to his liking.

He thinks the balmy weather (no humidity) is fantastic!!!

This is the front of our house.

This is our grocery store--the lady is a stranger.

Reesie writing his postcards.

Playing wac-a-mole with Daddy's hand on the picnic table.

LOOK at all this candy!!

Think we can get some?

Yummy yummy Ice Cream!!

bad ice cream hurt Reesie's teeth---he ferociously refused anymore.

But luckily the candy/ice cream shop has stuffed animals too and his new friend the frog made him feel better.