Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sisters Quilt Show

I got up at 6:55 am after being awake a lot in the night with Reese,ugh....who, by the way slept until 9am for his Dad---beast! Anyway, Candy and I headed out to Sisters, Oregon for the outdoor quilt show. We sat in severe traffic for not terribly long and finally found parking. At 10am it was on! 96 degrees, blazing sun we walked until 5pm except for our 50 minute lunch break. Wow it was overwhelming!!! There were so many quilts and so many shops and so many outdoor vendors. WOW! We bought a few (wink, wink) treasures. Here are a couple of the quilts I snapped photos of the first 2 I intend to make as you see them. The last one is using a panel of the 08 show--I'll make my own variation.
I ordered the pattern book with this cool Halloween quilt.
This is depicting the Three Sisters Mountains and the outdoor quilts.
This one used a panel of the show -- I'll make some variation.

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