Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Surgery with photos

We headed over Sunday and stayed at the Silver Cloud Hotel. We were very happy with our room.Reese investigated the dresser drawer knobs.

He checked out the microwave and the fridge.

He played and rough-housed.

Daddy tickled him.

He hung upside down.

Mommy got up at 5:30AM, Daddy at 6AM to get ready to go. We packed up and walked a couple blocks to the hospital for our 7AM check in.

Reese getting blood pressure checked.

snazzy hospital shirt and pants.

This is way before our normal wake up time and the boys are sleepy.

This toe device checks his oxygen levels.

This mask has grape flavor inside so he'll willingly breathe his sleeping gas. We practiced before going into the OR.

Mommy and Reesie are dressed for the OR.

Recovery room. The boy is pretty groggy and still using the oxygen mask.

Here he is in jail--the pediatric ward crib.

Playing in the crib after his pain meds wore off.

Reese did fine breathing on the peds floor. He slept a lot. Once he woke up he behaved like he had no pain. He drank and ate really well with no spit up, so they let us go at 7pm instead of sleeping overnight.

Daddy and Reese being blown away by the wind on the ferry home.

Playing on the ferry table like nothing happened.

Tuesday at Walmart feeling fine.

Tuesday after Walmart we stopped by mommies group who were supposed to be scrapbooking, but turns out they changed the day so Reese just played a little with his bud, Matthew.

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