Sunday, July 13, 2008

First Vacation Days

We spent Friday checking out Sunriver Village. They have those blow up jumper houses in a variety of sizes for different aged kids. This is what Reese thought of it. Hanging out on a bench with daddy while Mommy and Candy Gram check out some girly shops is much more to his liking.

He thinks the balmy weather (no humidity) is fantastic!!!

This is the front of our house.

This is our grocery store--the lady is a stranger.

Reesie writing his postcards.

Playing wac-a-mole with Daddy's hand on the picnic table.

LOOK at all this candy!!

Think we can get some?

Yummy yummy Ice Cream!!

bad ice cream hurt Reesie's teeth---he ferociously refused anymore.

But luckily the candy/ice cream shop has stuffed animals too and his new friend the frog made him feel better.

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Jeffry & Amy said...

They're called a BOUNCY HOUSE ya ding dong!