Monday, July 28, 2008

Surgery Part 2 - blip in the program

Surgery is finished. He has about a 1 1/2 inch incision about the same place you'd get a c-section but only on the left side. Unfortunately during the procedure he "held his breath"---not sure how they know this versus not breathing period, but whatever they called it holding his breath, which is not normal. He did it too long so they gave him a drug to relax him and had to give him a breathing tube. SOOOO we are admitted to the pediatrics wing and are spending the night. They want to observe him for awhile to make sure he resumes normal breathing. It's very cramped and uncomfortable. We got the door side room--the window is WAY better, but they are very busy so we're stuck here. He's been sleeping mostly. He's very hoarse from the tube when he wakes up. He's had some water and a little apple juice and he's had one bag of fluids in his iv. Successful urination! WOO HOO! So his wanker parts are working, now he just have to eat solids. Apparently the procedure causing quite a bit of yanking on the intestines so it's aggravated and may cause vomiting for awhile. So we're watching our handful of hospital channels on a 40 year old wood paneled Zenith tv. Sure isn't our swanky digs of last night. Our hotel had a 42 inch flat panel tv hanging on the wall!!!
I will add photos once we are home.

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anya* said...

Hoping you guys are able to leave the hospital today and that Reese is holding up! Hope you and Kyle are handling the 'blip' ok to!