Sunday, July 27, 2008

Surgery Part 1 - on the way

no, photo because I have no way to load them from my camera to this computer. BUT I still wanted to update. We were going to take the 4:15 ferry to Seattle. While waiting in line the man in front of us got out and peed, yes PEED right at the driver's side door. I could totally see the stream (I was driving). Can you even believe it? Then the ferry was full, so we drove around, We ate at Bahama Breeze in South Center for Reese's last meal. They had the grand opening of a new wing of the mall and it was a mad house. Traffic was outrageous from Bremerton straight through to Seattle. CRAZY!! Now we have checked into our hotel, The Silver Cloud Broadway, and it is SWEET!! Wish we were staying longer. We're headed out to explore. more updates to come.

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Jeffry & Amy said...

I'm praying for you guys tonight, that all goes well tomorrow. The pics in the last post w/ the big boy bed are soooo cute! I didn't know you were experimenting with the big boy bed yet! So are we! Nice phat crib at that hotel! It looks schwanky!