Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ready to Head Home

Tuesday night was spaghetti night. Reese was a bit messy.Wednesday at Lava Butte Reese is holding pumice which can be created by the volcano.

5020 ft elevation!!

Lava lands with desert vegetation---kind of tumbleweedy, mountains in the distance

from the left: LAVA in the foreground, the south Sister, Broken Top Mountain, the middle Sister, and then almost cut off on the right is the north Sister of the Three Sisters Mountains.

Reese is tired of viewing the lava lands that go on for miles.

Felled trees that resemble driftwood are throughout the lava

Reese and Dad on the Lava Butte trail

scruffy vegetation with the lookout station in the upper background

Sisters Mountains and Broken Top

Mt. Bachelor which is just a bit to the left of the Sisters from our vantage point

tomorrow we leave

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