Tuesday, July 15, 2008

vacation is almost over

Sunday we hit the indoor pool. This is the kid area with a soft squishy floor. The big people pool was cold and crowded so we didn't stay long.Reese getting a lift at the High Desert Museum. We are at about 4500 feet elevation in a desert climate, thus "high desert"---there was an exhibit on medicinal herbs, the oregon trail, local native americans and desert animals.

Reese found a stick at the Lava Cave that he found fascinating.

Lava flow that cools on the exterior encasing still hot lava (2100 degrees) creates a tube, when the hot lava drains out and it's all solidified it becomes a lava cave. There is an uncollapsed one here. Apparently not too many of those around. This big crack made me a bit nervous.

Kyle in the cave.

Kyle, me and Granddad in the cave.

ICE in the cave while it's about 96 degrees outside.

This marmut was on our porch eating Reese's dropped cheerios this afternoon.

This cutie popped 2 teeth overnight AND he is officially a walker!! He's pretty excited about his smoothie and his new sneakers.

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Jeffry & Amy said...

this is fun going on a virtual vaccation with you guys. OMG!!! YEAH reese on being an offical walker! welcome to the club! Come on over and lets do the hokey pokey!!!! Love, Matthew!