Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Before we went to the park yesterday I stripped Reese naked and slathered him up with baby sunblock head to toe including butt cheeks just in case. So he remains colorless except for the slightest pink on his nose--which is gone today. I failed to use any on myself though except for the 30 spf Faces I put on my face--which is red by the way. So I am fried. It hurts horribly and I can't seem to make Reese understand NO TOUCHING!
This photo doesn't really do it justice. In person my feet are bright red. The red on the bottom of my toes right above the flip flop line look very puffy, but they really are not. Looks hideous and hurts quite a bit. I was supposed to go get a pedicure before vacation, but I have decided against soaking in boiling water and dipping into a vat of scalding paraffin. So I will have yucky toes on vacation.

This is the farmer tan line of my arm, lovely shade of lobster.

We leave for vacation tomorrow so hopefully this fades fast or at least gets to the not hurting point.

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