Friday, July 11, 2008

Road Trip to Sunriver

So we got up at 7:30am and finally pulled out of the driveway at 11am!!! Talk about a slow start. We headed to the Gig harbor Costco for gas and hit the bank then we were off! Somewhere around exit 20 on I-5 (we get on at 130) we stopped at a rest stop. We spread a beach towel on the grass and Reese had lunch, we walked around and pet a dog then back on the road. We were getting hungry and decided as soon Reese woke from his nap we'd eat. Of course we were in the most desolate of farming mountain areas when he woke, so we were waiting for the next town....about 1 mile prior to reaching the town of Madras the road closed because a wildfire jumped the highway. SO....what to do. The cop gave some round about directions to back track and loop around to a spot on the other side of the fire about 10 miles from where we were that would take "at least a couple hours"..........hmm, we decided to save the gas and frustration of getting lost and stay put. I had pulled onto the shoulder to talk to the sheriff deputy, so I got back on the road and moved up to the line of cars waiting. When low and behold I saw a deli to the left (now I specifically asked the deputy about food--he said there was none until the other side of the fire!!) Well we were on Warm Springs Reservation and there was a Native American center and deli!! So we went in.We got some super yummy club sandwiches and Reese got a bagel and cream cheese and a fabulous smoothie. Reese saw some real live Native Americans and we waited out the fire.

Daddy and Reese in front of the teepee.

Reese looks a bit worried if we'll make it.

We could actually see flames up on the mountain but this photo just looks like smoke. About 45 minutes later we were back on the road.

This is some interesting striations in the rock --- it's super high I just zoomed in so it looks close. *double click to see the photos bigger.

From the same spot on highway 26 to the left is deserty looking cliffs and to the right...

snow capped mountains.

Lots of farming at the foot of the Cascade Mountains.

The opening to our vacation destination, Sunriver, Oregon.

The boys checking out the upstairs.

Grandad and Reese rehydrating after our LONG journey--arrived about 8pm.

Reese is really interested in guitar hero.

"reading" the hungry little caterpillar upside down...........the off to bed. Whew!

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