Monday, December 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

 The costume issue this Halloween was much more difficult than usual as Gus now has an opinion. Reese decided ages before Halloween to be Hawkeye (an Avenger). For the Library party he was Hawkeye and Gus was Spiderman. Gus listened intently to the stories.
He also sand along with the songs and followed the hand motions. We were supposed to make some kind of Zombie craft, but Reese suddenly told me he was too tired and wanted to go home. I felt really sad for Gus, who was a great time, but he was pretty agreeable to it was a quickie party.

We had some apple cider while Daddy carved the pumpkin. Reese hated it.
 They opted for a spiderman pumpkin this year. We just couldn't pull it together to do all the fancy pumpkins we found on pinterest!
 See that big chunk? A squirrel tried to eat our pumpkin!!!
 Cuties during pumpkin carving.

 For the big event we'd been REALLY talking up the other Avengers. I wanted Gus to be another Avenger so people may understand that Reese was Hawkeye...he's not exactly the most well known character. Well, after all the Hulk, Captain America and Thor hype...Reese changed his mind and decided to be Thor! ha ha! Luckily we've had this costume in the dress up bin for ages.
 Gus decided to be Scooby Doo. Once he saw the costume he could not be swayed.  He looked adorable, but I could not get him to smile for a photo.
It rained, HARD, on Halloween so we decided to go to the mall for Trick or Treating. What a crazy mad house!!! It was a huge, slow moving, line around the mall. Almost all the stores were "out of candy" by the time we got to them and quite a few had lame stickers. OH it was a monster disappointment for Kyle and I, but given the choice to leave and head to Walmart to pick out candy of their choosing Reese was adamant that he wanted to keep trick or treating...ugh, it was misery. 

I really hope next year it doesn't rain!

Monday, December 3, 2012


 We started our first year of soccer in late August. Our club didn't have enough kids for a BU5 and BU6 team so we were combined into a BU6 team. Age-wise Reese should be on BU6 but since he didn't play last year he didn't know as much as the other 2 5 year olds. We also had 3 just turned 4 year olds on our team. There was lots of playing and chatting on the field.

Reese eventually got the hang of what to do especially when they each practiced with their own ball. There were several incidents of extreme upset when they all practiced with one ball. Reese was pretty ticked off when other people stole "his" ball.

We had 10 games from September through November 10th. Luckily we had a late start AND a late finish to summer so we had lots of good playing weather until very close to the end of the season. Reese really started to get into it and even got a special "newly aggressive player" badge for his team sweatshirt when he really started muscling into the fray.

 We didn't win any games, but fortunately at least 4 of the boys, Reese included, seemed fairly oblivious to the other team scoring. They were very excited when their own team, Sharks, scored though. I was afraid he'd get discouraged and not want to play. Luckily that didn't happen. He made a lot of progress this season and the 2 kids on our team that played last year were light years ahead, so I expect him to do well next year.

He wven managed to score a couple of goals this season about which he was over the moon!!

 Reese and Mommy made some new friends and had a good time this season. Now if the rains come in September next year that may be a different story.