Sunday, July 24, 2011


We went to the zoo while Grandpop was visiting. It was actually Gus' first time. It was a little hot for a lot of the animals I think. Next time we'll go on an overcast day so everybody is out and rambunctious.Reese took a camel ride. You have to be 3, so Gus will have to wait until next year. Hopefully the camels don't drown in our rain. They said the camel can go for a full year without water if it needs to, but no info about excessive water.

The boys really checked out the monkeys forever! Luckily the part where the people stand is covered, so I was happy to wait in the shade for ages.

The touch tank was pretty awesome...notice where Gus' hand is....YUM, sushi!
By the end of the day we were all pretty spent. Gus was chillin with his drink and for the first time both boys wore their hats for an entire sunny outing. We will definitely go back soon.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Birthday Party

We had a backyard barbecue to celebrate Gus' second birthday with all the grandparents. Though Gus hasn't really watched the movie yet he is very excited about Cars. He squeals when the commercial for Cars2 comes on tv and he regularly plays with Reese's matchbox style cars from the first movie. So we went with a Cars theme.

He blew out his #2 candle...
and really enjoyed eating his cake.

Gus and the Grandmas:

Gus with Reese, Daddy and the Grandpas.

What a sweet 2 year old boy!

This photo makes him look like such a big boy!!!
Reese was SUPER helpful when it came to opening presents. Luckily Gus was happy to have the assistance.

He anxiously looked on as Reese tried to get into the gift from Kyle's grandparents.

It was a mower, which Gus loves. He asks to play with it every time we go outside.
This is Reese's Spiderman dismount from the slide.
Reese begged me to build the motorcycle on the packaging of the Zoobs. Here is my completed masterpiece.
Later that night Gus got to work on his new Legos. He really enjoyed his birthday party. He is such a sweet baby. It makes this Mama sad that he is so quickly becoming a big boy.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gus and the at-home Surgical procedure

These are the surgical tools:
This is the surgical patient:This is what was removed:
Gus got down from his high chair (with help from Dad) and instantly came running to me, pointing to his nose saying "bean, bean, bean." I chuckled and said "That's a boogie not a bean. Do you want Mommy to help you blow?"
I used the sucker thing they send home with you from the hospital for your newborn. It moved it down, but not out. So I got the Q-tip, which just pushed it further in. Then I got the flashlight and realized it was not a slimy boogie, but a solid lima bean. While I called the pediatrician to get suggestions Daddy tried the toothpick, which kind of just shredded it. Then we settled on the tweezers and successfully removed the bean just before the pediatrician called back. Phew. She thought it was big enough not to aspirate anyway. She noted that frequently parents don't notice until it starts to rot and therefore STINK.
Good ting we discovered it right away. A rotten bean in my cute boys nose would really gross me out.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Visiting Grandpop

Grandpop arrived safely from VA for his birthday visit. Reese loves to show Gus the photos of Grandpop and remind him that Grandpop comes on the airplane. Since they have this conversation regularly Gus always remembers who my dad is and has no need for a warming up period.
So far the boys have been busy running him ragged. Hopefully he'll have enough energy left for tomorrow's birthday party!