Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gus and the at-home Surgical procedure

These are the surgical tools:
This is the surgical patient:This is what was removed:
Gus got down from his high chair (with help from Dad) and instantly came running to me, pointing to his nose saying "bean, bean, bean." I chuckled and said "That's a boogie not a bean. Do you want Mommy to help you blow?"
I used the sucker thing they send home with you from the hospital for your newborn. It moved it down, but not out. So I got the Q-tip, which just pushed it further in. Then I got the flashlight and realized it was not a slimy boogie, but a solid lima bean. While I called the pediatrician to get suggestions Daddy tried the toothpick, which kind of just shredded it. Then we settled on the tweezers and successfully removed the bean just before the pediatrician called back. Phew. She thought it was big enough not to aspirate anyway. She noted that frequently parents don't notice until it starts to rot and therefore STINK.
Good ting we discovered it right away. A rotten bean in my cute boys nose would really gross me out.

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Melody said...

Oh my gosh! That's crazy! Good thing you discovered it and were able to get it out minus a traumatic trip to the doctor!