Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Birthday Party

We had a backyard barbecue to celebrate Gus' second birthday with all the grandparents. Though Gus hasn't really watched the movie yet he is very excited about Cars. He squeals when the commercial for Cars2 comes on tv and he regularly plays with Reese's matchbox style cars from the first movie. So we went with a Cars theme.

He blew out his #2 candle...
and really enjoyed eating his cake.

Gus and the Grandmas:

Gus with Reese, Daddy and the Grandpas.

What a sweet 2 year old boy!

This photo makes him look like such a big boy!!!
Reese was SUPER helpful when it came to opening presents. Luckily Gus was happy to have the assistance.

He anxiously looked on as Reese tried to get into the gift from Kyle's grandparents.

It was a mower, which Gus loves. He asks to play with it every time we go outside.
This is Reese's Spiderman dismount from the slide.
Reese begged me to build the motorcycle on the packaging of the Zoobs. Here is my completed masterpiece.
Later that night Gus got to work on his new Legos. He really enjoyed his birthday party. He is such a sweet baby. It makes this Mama sad that he is so quickly becoming a big boy.


Our Homeschool Fun said...

His cake is cool, Heather! The zoobs look awesome!! We need some of those here.

OK, how in the world does Gus look so grown up and so big boy in these pictures?! I'm not even his mama and I felt sad seeing how big he looks. I know it's because Jesse will be two in September and I know he is looking older too and I am NOT ready for it. Having a very, very hard time with it. Haven't said or posted about it, but I'm pretty torn up with this whole age thing and no babies.

Here's to helping both of us cope and be happy so we don't miss the great moments in front of us! And, I am so glad Gus had a Happy Birthday with all of his family!

Grammy Joyce said...

Cute pictures. Sorry we couldn't make it. Such cute big boys!

Julie said...

Nice work on the motorcycle!!