Monday, May 25, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I must tell you that last week's meatloaf was fantastic! I really think the key is the jar of roasted red bell peppers. The roasted pepper adds a great flavor that you just don't get from adding raw peppers in. Reese gobbled it up and LOVED dipping it in the huckleberry bbq sauce. This week Kyle is working 5:30pm-6am, so he'll need to sleep from 7am-1pm-ish. This means I'll have to get up with Reese --normally Kyle does that---and then do dinner when I'll likely be desperate to nap. SO....I'm planning EASY meals that create leftovers. AND Tues/Wed/Sun are all meat free meals, oh and Saturday too! Now that I'm in week 33 I feel like I can't fit in too much food, so I'm shooting for a couple more nutritionally packed options. Last week I made these kiwi strawberry muffins and they were YUMMY--we've had them for breakfast several days now.

TUESDAY: Barley, corn, black bean burritos
WEDNESDAY: tortellini with Alfredo garlic sauce and peas (Holly Ridge from 11:30-1pm)
THURSDAY: spaghetti and aidell's meatballs and I think I'll throw a bit of the alfredo in the sauce to give it a little kick of creamy goodness.
FRIDAY: leftovers (NST/OB appointment from 11am-1pm-ish)
SATURDAY: the last of the precious stash of butternut squash ravioli with Alfredo garlic sauce (this is a sauce from costco so it's more than the tortellini will use, hopefully this meal will use it up.)
SUNDAY: Red Beans and Quinoa Chili

Check out OrgJunkie for tons of menu ideas!

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