Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Exersaucer Saga

Our basement had a bathroom when we moved in but it was yucky so we ripped it out. The toilet was somehow connected to the concrete weirdly so the normal plumbing cap off thing doesn't fit. Kyle stuffed it with a rag and we rhino coated over to seal it up when we did the floors. So we have been using it as long term storage for our baby gear -- swing, jumper, exersaucer -- which we put in big trash bags to keep out the dust and spidery-ness. This is our exersaucer:

I am perfectly happy to reuse it for the new baby as they are all essentially the same level of cuteness -- really not so cute. However, I'd love to replace the rainforest jumper with the new cowboy version, but that would be wasteful.
So we decided to unpack the gear. I noticed it looked a little shredded which Kyle quickly assured me was due to all the screws exposed poking out of the ripped out walls. Kyle stripped the bags from the swing and jumper but I couldn't get the exersaucer out. I went to get scissors and when I came back I smelled urine. So I said "It smells like pee!" Then suddenly Kyle, who had been tearing in to the exersaucer trash bag held his hands out and shrieked "There's pee on me!!!!!" So .... RODENTS crawled up the toilet pipe and chewed through the rhino coating and used the exersaucer as a toilet!!!!!!!! Go ahead take a break to control your gag reflex.
Out on the trash it went but it doesn't fit in the can so it's on top. Now we have to buy a new one, grr!!!! I really wish the stupid rodents had peed on the jumperoo instead so I could buy the cute cowboy one! Anyway last Monday I head out to the car and hear a door close then realize someone is behind me and I see her get in the driver's side and close the door. She's alone, so that first closing door must've been the trunk. As I pull out I see the rat pee exersaucer is GONE!!!!! So this unsuspecting woman trash picked our exersaucer which looks brand new as we never let Reese eat in it and he never had any diaper issues in it and I cleaned it before packing it away. I wanted to chase her down to tell her about the rodent urine issue, but I didn't have time for that. So either her baby or some sucker shopping on craigslist is going to use our rodent peed on exersaucer. GAG!!!!
We will never be using used baby gear without a detailed history. Maybe not even then.

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Wendy Ferrell said...

YUCK!!!!!!!! I agree, that makes me not want to go to garage sales anymore!!! I suppose you could bleach the heck out of it, but I would NEVER use that for my baby. GAG. Maybe people should realize that trash is trash for a REASON.