Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Name Game Revisited

For all the inquiring minds who just can't wait to know our lasted list has been whittled down. Our top 3 choices in alphabetical order are.......drum roll.......Angus, Miles, Sawyer. Kyle can't decide--I have a favorite but I'm keeping it in to see if Kyle comes to the same conclusion on his own. He waivers daily almost announcing a new favorite. So we shall see. He is pretty adamant about not wanting anymore babies so this is the last opportunity to use any of the names. (I am still holding out for a girl---since we are likely to avoid the NICU this time maybe I can convince him.)
This is Reese when he was the same age as BBB2 is now---a super lot cuter than BBB@2 looks!

No one commented on BBB2's full frontal face ultrasound photo does that mean everyone else agrees with Mimi that he looks pretty ugly in this photo?
Obviously it will be hard to be as cute as Reese but seriously how cute can a skull shot be? I am sure he is quite adorable. And he probably already has more fat on him than Reese did so he'll avoid the alien look I think.


Laura said...

Umm I would like to see the picture of Dexter (I am holding out hope). Also why are there only two items on your list at Target. UNACCEPTABLE!

JessieLeigh said...

Can't wait to hear what name you settle on!

Of course your baby looks precious... I just think those 3-D/4-D ultrasounds are too new-fangled for me. I'm just one of those old school "show me a cute profile" kind of people. ;)

Absolutely amazing to compare where you're at this time around compared to last, isn't it? Here's to (just under) three more happy weeks for you!