Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Name Game

oops I'm using Kyle's computer and just realized he has no photos on it, so I can't post the ultrasound photo I was going to. Kyle informed me a couple weekends ago that he wanted to revisit the name idea. So we finally pulled out the name books again and came up with a new list. Our previous TOP 5 choices were: Dexter, Logan, Sawyer, Linus, Carter. This was whittled down from a quite large list that we haven't updated since November.
The new list in alphabetical order (pretty sure it WILL BE one of these names):
Desmond (Dez)
Dexter (Dex)

Some of these Kyle likes more than me (Jack) and some I like more than him (Linus) but all the ones that he really likes but my friends have used (Cole, Liam, Spencer) and that I love but he just thinks yuck (Simon, Emmett, Hayden) were already eliminated. These remaining ones are all ones we could both live with. We're mulling over these to whittle further hopefully down to one before the baby comes.


anya* said...

So are you a huge LOST fan or what? !hahaha.Sawyer, Jack, Desmond, Miles, Linus( which by the way- how could you name a child after Ben!!!!??????) All LOST characters, so funny heather.

The White House said...

Logan, Jack or Cade. How about Everett? Isn't that where he was concieved after all? Gorst? Silverdale? Hood? Port? Harrison? POULSBO BENZA! Reese & Poulsbo Benza. I like it. LOL!!!!

JessieLeigh said...

What a fun and frustrating task it is to name a child. :)

We've had some of those names sent to the elimination pile as well-- he loved Anastasia (but I was not a fan) and I just adored Juliette (but he said no way...) It's a challenge to find those names that just "fit" for both of you!

In some ways, it was maybe easier for us with our last child, who arrived at 24 weeks... we didn't have much time to debate or argue!