Monday, April 27, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I have no idea how these bloggers who feed their families of 6 on $12.88 per week are doing it. Does everyone get 2 forkfuls per meal or what? We ended up spending about $60 at Fred Meyer and $100 at Costco (I did get some staples like 10 pounds of organic sugar) and we had lots of the ingredients on hand already for last week. AND we still had to go back over the weekend for bananas, kiwis, milk and coffee creamer. We didn't buy the stuff for the Sunday pork chops because Kyle's folks invited us for dinner. Due to my sickness (I'll let you know if it turns out to be swine flu) Kyle's mom brought us our own full pan of lasagna. SO we had that Sunday and today (and tomorrow).
Our updated menu is:
Sun, Mon, Tues: Lasagna
Wednesday: Jambalaya
Thursday: leftovers (I'll be at UWMC all day)
Friday: Black Bean, Corn, Barley Burritos
Saturday: French Dip
Sunday: leftovers
wow that'a a lot of leftovers. Honestly we end up having that many every week because I always plan more meals than we need.
Another note about last week: if you make the Blackened Cajun Chicken make sure your cajun spice does NOT have salt. Wow--I used Zatarain's Cajun and it's first ingredient was salt, so I eliminated the extra salt the recipe called for. We each had one bite and snatched Reese's away before he took his first bite. We threw it out and got chinese takeout instead. Way too salty. I will try the recipe again after I investigate some other cajun spice mix options.

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anya* said...

I know. I spent 166.00 at Fred Meyers on Sunday for this weeks food- but it included a big thing of mayo (7 bucks) and a few toilet. I do tihnk Costco is cheaper for some things, but it is to much effort to go to 2 stores. And I didn't have to buy coffee which is usually another 10 bucks a week..I don't know about 166 for a MONTH!!