Friday, April 17, 2009

The Behemoth - 28 weeks

Actually I'm referring to our baby. Though I could have been referring to myself. A lady whose blog I read is due the same time as me and has gained the same weight as me (actually I've gained about half a pound less if you can believe it). Check out the difference in our belly size.
I had an ultrasound today at 28 weeks 0 days. I only got photos of each foot, so I'm not scanning them in. At this point they can estimate weight and he is 3 pounds + or - 6 ounces. Even if it's an over estimate that puts him at 2 pound 10 ounces. So a week younger than Reese was at birth this baby is already at least a full half pound bigger. Woo hoo! They also take the measurements of the bones, etc. to estimate gestational age. He is measuring between 29 weeks 0 days and 29 weeks 5 days -- remember we're only at 28 weeks 0 days. He is a sumo wrestler!!!
At this point with Reese I was already in the hospital for 7 days, so we're definitely doing better. I feel pretty confident we'll make it further this time.


Wendy Ferrell said...

Yeah, you are READY to pop!!! :)

JessieLeigh said...

You look fantastic!

And, keep in mind, I'm a full seven inches taller than you... :)