Thursday, April 16, 2009

First Day of "Preschool"

So my photos didn't turn out too great but it's difficult trying to get no one else in the photo sometimes. Reese was in the "little tykes" class for up to 2 year olds at his therapy center (the speech and occupational therapists came to our house, but group play sessions were at the facility). Once he turned 2 he graduated to the 2 year old "preschool" class which we actually moved to after their spring break. So the first week of April we switched to 2 days a week for 90 minutes and mom and dad get to leave. In Little Tykes we participated in everything.
I was a little stressed at the idea until Kyle went to Everett for 6 weeks--then I thought why must we wait until April?!?? But Kyle was home long enough for me to feel like I didn't need to be saved from the trauma of being 24/7 with a 2 year old, so I stayed the whole time the first day.
They had kid sized brooms and dust pans! Reese was in hog heaven!
He wasn't very smiley, but he was having fun.

He really likes all the stuff they do that we don't do at home, like playdough and glue stuff and the outside playground. They have an indoor gym for bad weather days too, but Reese really wants to go outside no matter the weather.
He wears his glasses at school the WHOLE time! We are not as diligent at home. When he says he's done I let him have a break. He seems to really like school. He mostly follows directions though he doesn't like to stop doing one activity to move on to another if he is liking the first thing. They have a 2 way mirror thing so we can stand outside and watch without the kids knowing. So while I have left for part of the time, I watch for part of the time too.

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