Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Greatest Toddler Toy Ever Made...seriously

Reese LOVES to wash his hands, the dishes and otherwise just play in the sink. It has suddenly occurred to him that instead of just moving the kitchen benches around at random he can purposefully put them somewhere specific, like in front of the sink. Of course the water MUST run continuously during this activity and he never wants t to end. In fact he has quite the meltdown whenever we turn the water off and gate off the kitchen -- the only way to thwart his return to the sink. Luckily we found this awesome toy with a pump to recirculate the water for a working faucet. We played outside on the sunny day.
Notice the toothbrush in his right toothpaste to muck up the water but he still likes to have it in his sink.

We have it in the kitchen now with a million beach towels around the area beneath.

It came with a whole set of dishes--pots, pans, pitcher, cups, plates, silverware--- for "washing."

This has seriously provided HOURS of entertainment. He's pretty good about keeping the water in. He periodically runs to dry his hands on the towel hanging in the fridge door handle which is mostly what spreads the water around the floor.

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Wendy Ferrell said...

That toy had to have been invented by one very smart parent of a toddler!