Saturday, May 9, 2009

31 Weeks and counting

Today (Friday the 8th) I had the first of maybe 7 non -stress tests. I don't know if everyone gets these or not, but I will have one every Friday until the baby comes. I meant to have the nurse take a photo once I got hooked up and then I totally forgot. But it's not hard to envision. They have a huge, fat, comfy leather lazy boy for me to sit in and they hook up two round hockey puck sized monitors to my tummy: one for the baby's heart rate and one for contractions. They gave me a little jeopardy buzzer to click when I felt the baby move. He had to increase his heart rate above the baseline by a designated amount with each movement to "pass" the test. They scheduled an hour for the test but after about 30 minutes he was doing perfectly so we finished early.
I had a regular OB appointment as well. I asked if he thought I should go ahead and sign up for Lamaze or whatever type of natural childbirth class they have -- by natural I do not mean drug free, be assured I want the drugs. He said it is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that I will not have a c-section, so I am not taking the class. I told him to just make sure the nurses don't expect me to know anything since this is my second baby because everything from the past 2 weeks to the end is first time for me. But really we are having a c section most probably. I am even scheduled for June 26 which will be 38 weeks. So unless anything crazy happens between now and then we'll have a June 26 baby: a cancer and an (earth) ox, just like his mommy (except I am a water ox).
Onto Reese's latest happenings. He has been waking in the night and staying awake for extended periods (greater than 30 minutes) if we don't relent and let him come into our bed. On the occasions when I can not bring myself to respond Kyle goes and Reese is in our bed almost instantly. When I can get myself revved up for the struggle I stay up until I can make him go back to sleep in his own room. (If we let him scream it out he vomits and I can NOT allow him to sleep in a vomited in crib and I can not deal with cleaning it at 3:30am, so don't suggest the cry it out method.) Last night I was tired at 3am when he woke so I didn't try to make him stay in the crib we just went to the couch and snuggled, he fell asleep, I stood up, he woke up frantically pointing to the couch, I sat, he crawled over to the couch pillow and snuggled in, I covered him and went to bed. He slept on the couch until 9am. So tonight he fell asleep on the couch while I was on the phone so I covered him and went about my business. The I got on the computer about 10 feet away for about 30 minutes. I went to get a drink and realized he had moved to the floor without me noticing. So he spent close to an hour in this position before I moved him to bed. Hopefully he'll stay asleep until morning because I am so over the late night wake ups---I want to sleep through the night for the next 7 weeks!!!

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