Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Picnicing in the Living Room

Reese is getting a lot of use out of his picnic table in the living room lately. Here he is having a snack and watching Elmo. He LOVES Elmo, Abby Cadaby and Murray. He says about 20-25 words now and 2 are Elmo and Abby. Generally I don't let him eat at this table because he doesn't necesarily stay seated for long.
It is his favorite playing surface for everything from driving his cars and trucks to pouring beans from bowl to cup and back again. I like it for coloring and play doh since it's plastic and it keeps potentially ruinous things off our real furniture.
I snapped this photo because the nano second I put his plate down he deconstructed his veggie burger. For some reason he was displeased with his slice of cheese. then he proceeded to dip the bun in BBQ sauce and suck it off without taking a bite. It's so funny how he's developing those weird toddler eating habits you read about.

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