Sunday, May 17, 2009

Suddenly Grown

Do you see the boy in this photo?! This can not possibly be my sweet baby. This looks like a kindergartner!!! Okay perhaps that's an exaggeration, but seriously I think he looks so grown in this photo. It's a little bit traumatizing our baby is growing so fast.


Wendy Ferrell said...

He really does look almost like a Kindergartener in this photo!! What a sweet smile!

JessieLeigh said...

I've taken photos before that made me feel the exact same way... kind of scary, isn't it? At my 4yo's last check-up, the doctor told me he'd likely pass me in height by age 12. That sounds far away, but I know I'll have to look up at that boy before I know it!!

Pretty soon you'll have another tiny one to snuggle, though... though not as tiny as your first started out. :)

Very cute pic... pure joy on that little face!