Friday, May 15, 2009

A Day at the Farm

Last Monday we had Holly Ridge's farm day at the county fairgrounds. They were supposed to get their photos taken with these stuffed mechanical horses and they had bales of hay around to look like they were in the barn. Reese did not enjoy them but he did like "feeding" it a carrot.
Checking out the horse padlock.
Petting a bunny.

Petting a goat with Daddy and his teacher, Miss Keary.

Riding the pony---he was a bit unsure at first but then he warmed up to the idea. These 2 people are workers we don't know. And Kyle walked around with him too since he's not really big enough to stay securely in the saddle without help.
He really liked the llamas.
Reese had a great time and we got free lunch so Daddy had a good time too!

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