Monday, March 31, 2008

Furry Sprouts

Is this normal? My brussell sprouts have already sprouted, but they are furry. It doesn't look like mold, but I'm no farmer. So it turns out you need special bread maker flour to use the quick cook option of 58 or 80 minutes in the bread maker. To use my regular wheat flour would require 3 hours and 40 minutes baking. I did not plan ahead for that long of a timeline so we had our bean soup with no bread. bummer. Reese quite enjoyed the beans though.
AND it turns out I will not be taking a class this quarter because they had 80 people register for a class that is much smaller. So I followed the instructions I was given at my advising appointment in January and waited for my registration day to turn in my form. Of course everyone who did not plan ahead apparently called when the listing said "by instructor permission" asking what's this all about? and were advised to come down they turned theirs in before registration and the powers that be decided to make date and time of form turn in an elimination choice----so I am livid to say the least. But they assure me I shouldn't be upset because they feel about 90% sure they'll have a summer class. Of course I'll miss 2 of 10 classes because of our already planned vacation. May I take this opportunity to point out that people who do not do their job correctly--i.e. provide accurate info and instruction to everyone who needs it--really infuriate me. It's no wonder there's a nursing shortage when the schools that produce nurses haven't figured out an appropriate plan to deal with more applicants than slots in the classes. AND how can they say you really must take this class before you start the program in the fall and then have the class admit less students than the program will be admitting--doesn't make sense. Unless of course there are tons of over achievers applying this year, which I suppose is possible. But I have the maximum amount of admission points you can have as a first time applicant with a 3.83 GPA, so how many over achievers could there really be?

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Julie said...

How frustrating! I would be mad too! Can you get in on "instructor's permission" too? They really should open up another class.