Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mr. Busy

Reese was standing at the dishwasher, rolling it in and out. I turned my back to put something away and turned back around to find Mr. Busy Busy Busy in the dishwasher. He couldn't quite figure out that the rack would not roll freely in and out with his body in the way. I did not see how he accomplished this maneuver, but he didn't break the door so all is well. I was going to feed Reese some spinach and cheese ravioli, but when I opened the purchase by April 7 package it was moldy!! We bought it at Costco so I'll try taking it back and seeing what happens. He's having chicken and mozzarella ravioli instead...one hand for eating and the other for his "toothbrush"---we're still using the baby rubber gum scrubber thingy.
The cats' food and water was moved into the bathroom off the kitchen because Reese kept dumping the water bowl. Yodi heard it was food time and decided to protect his chow.
Reese fought sleep so I gave up with the cuddling, rocking business and went about my to do list. I am bringing salad to my mommy group tomorrow. At 10 am we're are going to the library for storytime and then lunch at John Paul's house. So while Reese refused to go to sleep, therefore I can not go to sleep at a reasonable hour, I figured no way will I have time to make the salad in the AM, but when I went to make it tonight I discovered my enormous amount of spinach was slimy and fuzzy---YUCK! Since the boy refused to sleep we threw on some sweats and went to the grocery store. Here Reese is working the salad spinner. Once he noticed he was sitting next to the coffee pot and how shiny, pretty it is we moved to the floor. Let me just say the salad spinner is a pretty valuable time occupier. He played forever! So at about 11:20 pm the boy FINALLY went to sleep. The odds of making it to Belfair Library by 10am are slim since he usually sleeps about 10 hours at night---with 2 wake up to eat episodes. And I hate to wake him up for a social engagement, especially one where he is probably supposed to be quiet and listen to a story.
P.S. My brussell sprouts don't look fuzzy anymore, so I guess it was normal.

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Julie said...

We were glad that you were able to meet us for lunch! The salad was great too!