Saturday, April 19, 2008

camera shy

This has been SO frustrating! Blogger wouldn't allow me to post yesterday. Today I am having difficulty getting words on here before the videos--ARG! Anyway. I think we are good to go now. SO these are videos I had previously rejected because the second I pull out the camera he stops doing the cute thing. He totally laughs hysterically and does tons of "talking" but then clams up for the camera. But since I've posted nothing for a bit I thought I'd go ahead and put these videos up.

#1 is from the day at the park---that HOT day last weekend. This weekend we're having snow. Lovely Washington weather. Anyway Reese was not really into the feel of grass on his bare feet.

#2 This is the first time having actual spaghetti sauce on his pasta. He liked it very well. But it was also the first time having angel hair pasta and he found it a bit difficult to maneuver. We started with me spoon feeding because, well, it's messy, but he grabbed it off the spoon so many times I gave in and let him have it.

#3 Reese is standing at the futon because he chased Tara into the window. He is easily distracted by her toys. He WAS laughing hysterically at the top of his lungs, but the second the camera came out he got much more subdued.

#4 This one has a little bit of his noise making in the beginning. Of course it was way more before I pulled out the camera. I hope this camera shyness business passes soon so we can catch some funny stuff.

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