Saturday, April 26, 2008


Reese had his first visit to the dentist on Friday. He sat on Daddy's lap facing Daddy. Then he laid down so he was mostly on Daddy's legs. His head rested on the hygienist's lap. Here she is brushing his teeth with a real tooth brush and some puffy orange bumble gum flavored toothpaste. As his teeth do not touch we do not need to floss yet. He got a goody bag with his own toothbrush, crayola flosser (for later when the teeth start touching) and an hourglass sand timer so he'll know how long to brush for (too cute) all in a pencil case type plastic bag.
Here's a photo of the teeth cleaning area while we wait for the dentist. The tables the kids lay on have an LCD tv hanging above on the ceiling so they can watch videos while their teeth get cleaned!! They have surf theme with surfboards and palm trees. And stuffed animals hanging from the dentist's light bar.
He flirted with the pretty dentist for quite awhile. Then she put some gluey fluoride on his teeth. It allows you to eat and drink immediately then the next morning it brushes off. All in all it went very smoothly. They have a cool office and Reese liked his dentist. Next appointment Oct. 27!


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