Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yummy Fiber Camoflauged with Jam

So Reese is a pretty loud pooper. he also makes a face and turns red, so there's generally no question. But yesterday he cried a horrible pain cry. Belly rubbing and back rubbing did nothing to soothe the discomfort. So I thought if we just get on the changing table the poop will fly out when his knees are pulled to his chest. I have never seen a turd so big! I had no idea the human rectum could stretch so hideously large. AND the screaming intensified. Mommy was traumatized. So today I thought we better up the fiber content. Reese had a whole piece of orowheat double fiber whole wheat bread.
Covered in the blackberry jam the mommies' group canned last summer.
He LOVED it! Couldn't be yummier.
and here is the updated progress of my veggies--the green peppers are a little disappointing.