Sunday, April 27, 2008


Reese had swimming lessons on Saturday. He loves the water, especially splashing. He is not too compliant with the assigned activities, but really I think he's too little to actually do some of the stuff anyway. But we sing swimming songs to the tune of a familiar kid song. For example with the baby's head kind of tucked at mom's (or dad's) neck/collarbone, stretched out so the baby's butt is resting on mom's forearm we swim on our backs and sing to the tune of I'm a little teapot: "I'm a little pancake on my back, I'm a little pancake nice and flat, I'm a little pancake on my back, flip me over just like that" and we flip to our tummies and swirl around. So they learn to float on their back and wait for help should they find themselves in trouble in the water. This week we practiced holding onto the edge and moving along the side to get to a "safe spot" I guess the ladder--yeah he was more into trying to climb after the water that splashes into the recessed edge area. But we had fun. It would be better still if the water was warm.