Friday, April 11, 2008


Reese is so happy Daddy came home from San Diego this morning. After the airport we went to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. The boys hung out in the spider web.
This giraffe was in his "barn" so we could see him up close. He stuck his head down over the fence. Reese liked him best.
He also liked this pretty peacock. One retched kid threw a stick at him.
Reese looking at the Tapir. They came very close to the glass so they were easy for Reese to spot. In a lot of the "natural habitat" settings the animals are too far away for Reese to even notice that they are there. He's more tuned into all the humans around.
Funny monkeys!
Photo op hanging around with the orangutan

He stayed awake for 5 1/2 hours without fussing at all, but by the end of the zoo he was tuckered out. He NEVER sleeps on his back, but today wore him out, so he didn't even care.

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Julie said...

Looks like it was a fun time!