Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wanker Woes

Reese has had a hydrocele since birth. His pediatrician expected it to reabsorb on it's own by age 1, but since it did not she referred us to a pediatric urologist to get it checked out. By searching online I discovered they can either aspirate it or surgically remove it. Apparently aspirated ones tend to recur though. Anyway, we went to Swedish Pediatric Specialty Clinic in Bellevue on Wednesday for his appointment. Dr. Hudson determined that the hydrocele is no longer the issue. Reese now has an inguinal hernia. Occasionally part of his intestine bulges down into his scrotum. It looks pretty gross, but supposedly doesn't hurt at this point. But he will have to have surgery. We're waiting for the scheduler to call us with his surgery date. As a preemie he has a 30% chance of having this happen on the other side too (right now it's only on the left), so the doctor will cut on the left side to fix the current problem and while he's in there blow some CO2 into his belly to make some room to poke the scope around the corner and check the right side without having to cut him on both sides. They'll use disolvable stitches and skin glue to seal it back up. He'll get to come home the same day, but he will have general anesthesia. :(
Reese was such a good boy ---long car seat ride, prodding of his privates, long car seat ride again--that we stopped at the new HushBaby Boutique in Gig Harbor (if you have a girl you really MUST go!) to get him a treat. See Kai Run "Bent" shoes! In these photos I am pretty sure Mimi is holding him by the back of the overalls creating a hideous high water effect. He did actually stand on his own at the store though. Reese would also enjoy the "Hugh" model of See Kai Run shoes should anyone wish to send a get well gift wink, wink!

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Julie said...

Poor Reese! But at least he is young enough that it shouldn't be too tramatic!