Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!

We had Easter dinner at our house. Mimi and Poppop and Uncle Travis and Uncle Dylan came over to eat. Here is Reesie in his big boy Easter suit that Great Grandparents, Bob and Joyce gave him for Christmas. The waist is still giant but he looked awful cute. He changed into sweats and a tee for eating--just in case.
He was feeling very playful and was full of exuberant squeals.

Here's our table setting mostly ready to sit down to eat.
mmmm...these look good

This is the Easter basket from Mimi--cool cars and a super cool (not visible) 101 Dalmations lunch box that he was most infatuated with. We'll use it to tote snacks to mommies group.Sitting on the couch chillin' with Uncles Dylan and Travis.

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