Monday, March 31, 2008

Meal Plan Monday

So last week got a bit off track since Kyle went to work in San Diego. This week we should be able to keep to the plan.
MONDAY: 15 bean soup (used the Easter ham bone) and the first home made bread with our new bread maker--early birthday gift from Kyle's grandparents
TUESDAY: Chicken Tetrazini (didn't have this last week due to easter leftovers)
WEDNESDAY: Quesadilla
THURSDAY: left overs---my first day of spring quarter, my class is 8AM in Poulsbo! The horror! I'm not sure I'll actually be able to function getting started so early.
FRIDAY: Spinach ravioli and pesto sauce
SATURDAY: stirfry veggies with brown rice and egg rolls
SUNDAY: beef stew (already made and in the freezer) and homemade bread from our new bread machine.
If you need some new recipes in your rotation check out Meal Plan Monday on Laura's site the Organizing Junkie.
Reese's news:
Reese is eating people food like a champ now. He has displayed an extreme dislike of yobaby yogurt...wasted $4.50 on that and also of bananas, so what's a boy to have for breakfast? he was still hungry after his baby food fruits mixed with oatmeal, so I gave him half a piece of whole wheat toast with the mommies' group canned blackberry jam from last summer. He loved it!
We picked up Daddy from the airport at 9:30 am on Saturday and hit IHOP where he chowed down some scrambled eggs, pancakes and ham. Then we went to IKEA---I have never been before. It's about as big as the mall. And it had awesome "family" parking that was very convenient. AND they provide a million little twine stations so you can tie your purchases to the roof of your car. Even better they had the outdoor furniture displayed right nearby so Reese and I could comfortably sit while he had a bottle and waited almost hour while Kyle tied the living daylights out of our purchase. We got hordes of stuff! Super prices! I'll post photos of our cool new bedroom lamps once we get them set up. Reese was so well behaved all day. He smiled at everyone and was very giggly and happy. I was surprised since he had 2 naps in the car and one while walking around IKEA. We were there for about 4 1/2 hours. We kind of abused his good nature that day. Today we visited Grandad and Candy Gram then hit Barnes and Noble where I purchased my textbook for $10 cheaper than the school bookstore! So that was our weekend.

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