Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Please Take Me!!!

Here is Reese eating his big boy dinner. I only put a few pieces out at a time to avoid him racing to shove it all in and then choke. It seems to be working---no gagging and barfing! He had ham, rotini noodles with Parmesan cheese cut up small and crinkle cut carrots cut real small. He liked it a bunch, but was clearly thinking "must we photograph EVERYTHING?" Daddy's going to San Diego tomorrow, so he's packing his gear tonight. Reese wants to go too, but it's supposedly a short trip. They said home Friday but wrote the paperwork for Monday, so who knows. He has very few pairs of underwear and socks so hopefully they don't get extended for long. Next time they go for a longer stint we'll go too and check out the zoo and the beach.

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Beck said...

Isn't it funny how much they grow over a year? I hope the two of you have fun while Reese's dad is away.