Tuesday, March 18, 2008

This is Funny

I'm reading a magazine while I wait for dinner to cook and I just stumbled upon an article about cloth diapers. A DAD decided to experiment with cloth diapers in an effort to eliminate the thousands of disposable diapers his family contributed to the landfill. I think it is too funny not to share. After the first poop the germophobe Dad says:
"I walked into the bathroom, holding the diaper out in front of me, and looked down at the bowl. I wanted to throw the diaper into the garbage and pretend the whole cloth experiment had never happened. I pondered grossness for a minute or so. Then it occurred to me that Isaac was still undiapered and very possibly urinating on my laptop. I emptied the diaper, flushed three times, using gallons of water - thereby almost certainly eliminating any environmental benefits of cloth diapers-Swished the diaper in the toilet bowl , dumped half a box of baking soda on it to eliminate the smell, threw it in the diaper pail, and raced to Isaac."

My mom and I discussed how I should really go the extra mile for the planet and use cloth. We decided it was too much disgusting effort, the planet be damned. After reading this guy's experience I am certain I made the right decision.

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