Thursday, March 13, 2008

The boy went solo

Last night the boy went largely unsupervised while I prepared my oral presentation for school today. We had to present a journal article about our assigned topic within anatomy and physiology. I had selected an article awhile back, but Tuesday my teacher turned me on to a much more interesting one. So while I did read the article I had clearly done NO work on it yet. Luckily he was relatively cooperative once evening came (afternoon not so much). I did jump up to see what was going on when I heard the horn of his ride on toy. He was diligently playing without attempting any dangerous acrobatics. I did hear him opening and closing the door that is supposed to keep him away from the electronics for a good long time. I checked it out when I heard a thump only to find that he had grabbed my candle and I guess was banging it on the track of the tv stand door. It has some nice little digs in it now. grrr! He seemed to spend a significant amount of time playing with the phone. He kept hitting the talk button and the next thing I knew it was making that "eh eh eh eh" sound telling you to hang up. At any rate he entertained himself quite sufficiently while I worked out my project. Once he went to bed I worked some more of course. Finally went to bed about 1:30am----I know you're thinking that's our normal time, BUT while Kyle has been working 4pm-4am I have actually gone to sleep BEFORE midnight every night. I even went to bed at 10:30 one night. Reese has been waking up erratically. Tuesday night he got up 4 times---unacceptable!! Last night I guess he was pooped because he went to bed about 11pm and got up at 8:30 am!!!! Of course I woke up at 5:30 thinking he must be dead in his crib, but he wasn't. Hooray! I slept rather lightly the next 3 hours which is not ideal for sure, but so much more restful than the last week or so.
New tricks: He just LOVES pulling himself up to stand and then hanging out for a super long time. He is really excited by the phone and remote control and magazines. He's also discovered how fun it is to pull the mouse cord from under my desk top so it goes flying off my keyboard rest. ha ha very amusing!

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