Monday, March 17, 2008

2 Year Anniversary

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Two years ago today we took a 6am flight to Vegas and got married without telling anyone. Last year Reese was in the hospital so we left UW and found our way to the Melting Pot in Seattle only to discover it was a 2 hour wait...we went somewhere else. This year we have a coupon to Red Lobster so that's where we went yesterday. Except we forgot to use the coupon, so we'll go back next weekend to use the coupon, but we'll let Reese come with us. Then we watched the 2 greatest love stories back to back....hahaha not quite the greatest. We watched the Cutting Edge 2 and 3 on abc family. You know the made for tv kind. So they were not hideous, but they certainly did not live up to our expectations since the original was awesome back in 1992.

This is a video of our baby, the cookie monster.

Today Reesie had an eye doctor appointment.

Then Kyle went to work and mommy and Reese went to baby Matthew's house to play and scrapbook. Tomorrow is our regular mommies group meeting. Then Wednesday is Reese's RSV shot, Thursday is mommies' final exam. Friday we HAVE GOT to get the oil changed. So that's our week. We have recently watched some movies we liked: 30 Days of Night---After watching this Mommy was afraid to get up with Reesie at 3 am but Daddy snored on not caring if the vampires got us or not. Dan in Real Life--I'm hoping these kinds of movies will convince Kyle we need lots of kids so when we're the grandparents everyone can come home to visit and won't it be just peachy. We also like The Invisible and Idiocracy. We watched a lot of movies in March. The writer's strike has freed up a lot of time!! It seems like ages since we had time for movies. Kyle also wholeheartedly recommends Beowulf -- I read Parenting Magazine and ignored it. Okay I think you''re all caught up with our happenings.

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