Thursday, March 20, 2008

Read Books AND Win Prizes

There's a spring reading challenge going on at Callapidder Days. She's giving away prizes! When's the last time you finished a book? If you've been somewhat slack as I've been since Reese was born this challenge may be just what you need to get to your stack of books! I have a long list, but I am trying to make this in the realm of possibility:The Other Boleyn Girl: This is our book club selection for April about Mary and Anne Boleyn competing for King Henry's affection.

T is for Trespass: The latest in my gumshoe mystery series.

The Wonder of Boys: A developmental guide for understanding the unique needs of boys, including practical advice for raising them.

Baby Laughs: (in progress) Jenny McCarthy's funny look at birth thru the first year.

Nineteen Minutes: My favorite juicy book author!!

The May and June book club selection, which we haven't picked yet.
And the textbooks for the 2 courses I'll take April3-June 5. UGH.

I would like to read more, but I'd also like to be able to say I accomplished my list, so I'll stop here. What are you guys reading?

(added later the same night)
So I saw that lots of other folks took a photo of their books. I figured I better go ahead and add my photo. Well, while rounding up my books for a photo I thought I should take these already read ones down to the already read bookcase and I discovered there are a lot of books I want to read, so my list grew.
I added:
The Omnivore's Dilemma
America's Women
Critical- Robin Cook
The Quilter's legacy
The Kite Runner
Raising A Son
Rhett Butler's People
Book of the Dead-Patricia Cornwell
Double Cross-James Patterson


Lindsay said...

You have a great list of books! Also your son is adorable :-) Mine is just a few months younger he's almost 11 months old. Have fun reading!

Katrina said...

It can be hard to read with a little one running around, can't it? Love the picture of your books -- I'm glad you included it! I'll be reading Nineteen Minutes this spring too, and am looking forward to it. Thanks for joining SRT '08!