Monday, March 24, 2008

That was then, this is Now

My friend Amy put photos of her baby from last Easter on her Easter blog....I don't know why I didn't think of that! So here is Reesie last Easter. He was at Harrison Hospital as a "feed and grow" baby. He had no help breathing, but still was not able to eat his full amount of breast milk or formula in the allotted time. He had 30 minutes from start to finish to eat about 37 mL ....a smidge more than an ounce...from a bottle. Sometimes he could do it, but when he couldn't the rest went in his feeding tube running into his nose. It was very exhausting all that swallowing! See how tuckered out he is...sleeping through his visiting time. Here is the boy getting started on his Easter 2008 feast. He had ham and a macaroni salad noodle or 2 and some cheerios. Mostly he still eats formula and baby food. BUT he is getting the hang of it.
Today we tried YoBaby yogurt---he thought it was gross. Mommy thinks so too, but Daddy likes it so I thought it was worth a try and it's pretty high in calories, while baby food is way lower in calories than his formula. We'll try it again next week. After that he practically ripped my ham and cheese sandwich from my mouth so we gave him some Easter ham and he really chowed down. Our meal plan is already thrown off because we have so much left over ham and I didn't see the point in making something new. So we had leftover Easter ham on leftover Easter dinner rolls with smoked fontina cheese----YUM! And Kyle is probably going to San Diego this week, so the rest of the meal plan will be askew too. So much for planning.